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Latest News

The DVD has been released and is available to order from It is in PAL format only and requires a player that can read PAL format. 


Besides the film Anna and the Moods the DVD contains:
   Interview with Julian Nott and Sjón
   Director’s cut
   Director’s / Author’s commentary
   The short film KVAK from CAOZ
   Trailer of an upcoming film by CAOZ

The total runtime of the DVD is 80 minutes


January 21, 2008 updated their site. Check out pics of early in the production, anecdotes from a newspaper which appears in the film, desktops and more. The DVD is set to be released in January.  

December 17, 2007

There will be a showing of Anna and the Moods in Paris, July 12. For more information see, and the program (page 6). 

July 10, 2007, thanks to

Anna and the Moods will be released on DVD in the Fall. This is great news for those of us in countries where Anna has not been shown on TV or in a nearby film festival. 

July 9, 2007, Thanks to

  If you live in New Zealand, apparently there will be a couple of  TV broadcasts of Anna and the Moods coming up. 

July 4, 2007

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Site Updates

February 24, 2007--three new stills from the movie

January 15, 2007-- four more avatars

December 10, 2004--Two more avatars 

October 1, 2004--Site launched


Studio: Caoz
Director: Gunnar Karlsson
Story by: Sjón
Voices: Terry Jones, Damon Albarn, Sjón, Bjork
Music by: Julian Nott
Producer: Hilmar Sigurdsson
Music performed by: The Brodsky Quartet 
Icelandic Title: Anna og Skapsveilflurnar
Awards: Edda Award, Short Film of the Year 2007

Official Links  
the brodsky quartet
Julian Nott's home page
Fan Links special (French)



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