G l o o m y  S u n d a y
The tune is strangely gripping, and the lyrics capture the longing for death. The sad and monotonous song easily entices one into feeling depressed. It's Gloomy Sunday- the Hungarian "suicide anthem."
~a quote from Krisztina Fenyo who wrote an article on GS and its depressive effects in Hungary.

Sunday is gloomy
the hours are slumberless
dearest the shadows
I live with are numberless

little white flowers
will never awaken you
not where the dark coach
of sorrow has taken you

angels have no thought of ever returning you
would they be angry if I thought of joining you?

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy is Sunday
with the shadows I spend it all
my heart and I
have decided to end it all

soon there'll be prayers
and candles are lit I know
let them not weep
let them know that I'd glad to go

Death is no dream
for in death I'm caressing you
with the last breath of my soul
I'll be blessing you

Gloomy Sunday

Dreaming, I was only dreaming
I wake and I find you asleep
in the deep of my heart here

Darling I hope
that my dream hasn't haunted you
my heart is telling you
how much I wanted you

Gloomy Sunday
is absolutely gloomy Sunday
gloomy Sunday
The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angelos, hosted the benefit concert for the Waldon Woods Project on April 16, 1998. Bjork sang 3 covers including Gloomy Sunday, which alone was captured on the At&T promo disc called Stormy Weather.
Below: Joni and Bjork at the concert
Stormy Weather is produced by Don Henly, and released only in the US by AT&T. The CD was send out for free to promote internet access and as a bonus featured the concert.
Thanks to MyScatterheart and Jocelyn
Also on the disc are:
Gwen Stefani, Paula Cole, Shawn Colvin, Trisha Yearwood, Sandra Bernhard, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Cole, Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell.
The following letter was enclosed with the CD:
Dear (name of customer here):
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Get your own network. For details, see our brochure. Then call (toll free number here).
(name here) AT&T Personal Network Director
Thanks to hcr and nicksfix
Bjork performed 2 other cover songs at the Waldon Woods benefit concert. The Love That Went Out of Style, accompanied only with a single harp, followed GS. Later, Joni Mitchell joined her in What is This Thing Called Love. These songs are available only by bootleg and are extremely rare.
Excerpts from a review of Bjork and Joni Mitchell's duet:
"It was without a question the highlight of Thursday night's gloiously classy Waldon Woods benefit. In introducing Mitchell, Bjork stammered: "These people who organized this are spoiling me. I have the great pleasure of introducing the gorgeousest woman." With a tiny bow perched atop, Bjork had already wowed the crowed by taking the less traditional turn on the tunes she picked than her more famous co-stars for the evening. The ex-Sugarcube lead singer Bjork squealed her way through Billie Holiday's Gloomy Sunday, while prancing around the stage like a school girl in the class musical. She sqeezed and released her left hand frantically throughout the number which she followed with The Love that Went Out of Style."
GS has been covered by many artists and made popular in the US by Billie Holiday in 1937. I reccomend the cover by Heather Nova. See a list of all the recordings HERE.
You can listen to Gloomy Sunday at these locations:
*of course
Stormy Wheather: Try eBay or trade with other Bjork fans.
Bjork Bytes: it might not work the first time you try, but try again because this site has many Bjork songs that are well worth the bother.
No Place Like Home bootleg live CD.
Play Gloomy Sunday on the guitar
Excerpts from an article published in full at www.phespirit.info:
      In 1936, Budapest police were investigating the suicide of a local shoemaker, Joseph Keller. Keller left a suicide note in which he quoted the lyrics of a recent popular song,
Gloomy Sunday. Over the years the song has been directly associated with the deaths of over 100 people.  Soon after Keller, two people shot themselves while listening to a gypsy band playing the tune. Several others drowned themselves in the Danube while clutching the the sheet music. One man reportedly walked out of nightclub and shot hi mself in the head after having requesting the band to play the "suicide song."
  The adverse affect of
Gloomy Sunday was becoming so great that the Budapest police thought it was best to ban the song. Many more suicides followed which were also linked to the song however.
  Later, the BBC and the US network also banned
GS from their airwaves. They are still banned today.
  The composer Rezso Seress was a bewildered as the rest of the world. He wrote the song on the breakup of his own romance but he never dreamed of the results which would follow. Af first he had a difficult time even getting someone to publish the song. As one publisher stated,"it is not that the song is sad, there is a sort of terrible compelling despair about it. I don't htink it owuld do anyone any good to hear a song like that."
  Eventually however, Seress finally got his song published and it became a best seller almost immediately. His ex-lover made plans for a reunion. The next the girl took her life through the use of poison. By her side was a piece of paper containing two words:
Gloomy Sunday.
  It is interesting to note that Seress himself jumped to his death from his flat in 1968.

This was quoted without permission from
www.phespirit.info which also quoted it without permission... hmmm
A grrrrreat article at jmdl.com
A grrrreat site at phespirit.info